We here at Shamrock Tube and Hose are pleased to announce that we have expanded our service offerings to include but not be limited to Hydraulic Tool repair or replacement, Hydraulic jack repair or replacement, Hydraulic Ram repair or replacement and Hydraulic power unit repair and preventative maintenance. We service almost any brand including HYDRAULIC TAMPERS ,IMPACTS AND DRILLS:

  • JET


  • BVA


  • OTC
  • GREY


Years ago before going into business I destroyed one of the brake tubes on my 4 wheeler. It was my fault I guess I knew I should be using a proper flare nut wrench to get it off but the adjustable was so handy.

I was also confident that replacing it would be no issue… So wrong.

I took a trip down to my local auto store and tried to find a brake tube expert. Turns out it was me! Well not really right but the guy at the counter didn’t know anything and invited me to the back to help myself at the brake tube rack.

This rack was… Unimpressive. At first it looked like a great selection but upon further investigation they only had about 12 configurations in 4 lengths. My tube didn’t fall into one of their pre-determined lengths and it was labeled something generic like Japanese. It actually took me 2 trips to get the right one.


Installation was a hassle. The extra length of the tube made it impossible to replicate the original fit. The end result was an over sized rock catcher on the back of my wheel. It made it a few trips but eventually hanging out there it got damaged. Perfect if you like having to go back and redo a job later to get it right.

What was wrong with my Brake Tube Search?

  • Nobody at my local store could help me
  • I had to search for my tube in the stock room with no help
  • The brake tube they did have was pre-configured around some generic vehicles
  • I had to make 2 trips to figure out which tube fit my quad.
  • The final product didn’t match my setup and the extra length ended up being unprotected

Get Some Real Help

Wouldn’t it be better to talk to someone who actually knew brakes? Wouldn’t it be better to specify the exact length and configuration of my tube and have it delivered to me for a perfect fit every time?

There is a better way, bring your problem to the experts at Shamrock Tube and Hose and rest easy knowing that you will get the exact setup to meet your specific need.

Deciding what system to use for your trailer brakes can be a tricky situation at times, but with the right education, it can much easier to decide what system works well for you. Hydraulic brake systems can be very effective for trailers. Designing and installing the hydraulic brake system can be quite simple if you have the right information. Here we will show you easy ways of accomplishing a proper hydraulic system for your trailer brakes.

At the very first, you are going to have to take the tires off just like you would on a car to change the brakes. You need to loosen the lug nuts while the trailer is on the ground so that you can still have leverage. After you have loosened the lug nuts you are going to need to lift the trailer. This is going to be harder to do though because you don’t have a secure way of stopping the trailer from moving once it is up. You need to find a car lift to finish this project. You need to make sure that the trailer is very stable before you attempt to complete any work on the trailer. Your safety is most important in this whole project.

Next you need to remove the lug nuts and the tires and put them in a secure place. It is very easy to loose lug nuts during a big project, so put them somewhere they will be safe. You now need to remove the spindle washer and the spindle nut. Also place those in a secure place as they will need to be re installed. You are going to find a plate mount on the axle that has 4 holes. This is where you will install your brakes. Figure out which brake is left and which one is right, and mount the brakes on the plates.

It’s time to put the outer bearing on now. Once the outer bearing is on you are going to need to put that washer and spindle nut. Tighten everything so it is hard to tighten it with a tool anymore. Now you need to install your break lines. This tubing will allow the fluid to flow from the break coupler to the brakes themselves. Once this tubing is all attached you will need to bleed your brakes. Fill up the coupler with break fluid once your brakes are drained.

Utility Trailer Accessories

Safety and performance are the two most important requirements for any utility trailer accessories you buy. When it comes to choosing the type of brakes for your custom made trailer, performance is your top priority. The better your brakes perform, the safer they are. There are several types of braking systems available, but the most preferred is the electric braking system. The electric system decreases stopping distance and helps you stop in a straight line to eliminate the chance of jack knifing during sudden movements. Electric brakes are popular utility trailer accessories, not only for their safe performance, but also because of easy installment.

Electric brake systems are made up of shoes and a stop, an actuating arm and magnet, backing plate and flange, a hub and brake drum, and wiring with an end plug connector. These items are mounted on the trailer and connect to the wiring of the controller that is installed inside the vehicle that will be towing it. Connector plugs come in different wiring patterns so be sure the trailer plug and tow vehicle plug are wired the same. The controller, mounted inside the tow vehicle, can be a proportional or delay type. A proportional controller will cause the trailer brakes to be applied at the same time and the same rate as the tow vehicle brakes are applied. A delay controller has features that allow the driver to make adjustments according to the weight of the load being towed. It is up to the driver to determine how much stopping assistance is needed from the trailer brakes.

Another feature which is required is an emergency breakaway kit. It consists of a battery in a box, mounted on the trailer, a trickle charger to keep the battery charged, and a breakaway switch. The switch, mounted on the trailer frame, has a cable that is attached to the vehicle. If the trailer comes loose from the vehicle while it is being towed, the cable opens the switch and the trailer brakes are activated. This is an important safety feature which most states require.

You can see why electric brake systems are the most popular for common utility trailers. The parts and wiring diagrams for electric brake systems can be found on websites and in stores where utility trailer accessories are sold.

When it comes to our pre bent brake lines, they are built to customer specifications, which is going to mean a high quality job done. We sell brake lines that are made out of copper nickel tubing, which we believe is one of the highest quality materials for these brake lines.

Why Choose Pre Bent Brake Lines?

The reason that you should choose these brake lines is because it will make installation a lot simpler. Almost anyone knows that if you want to reach a distance in the quickest time possible, you should choose a straight line. However, this is not always the best choice or the most convenient choice. In fact, when it comes to installing brake lines in vehicles, it can make the situation difficult the brake lines have to maneuver around so many other auto parts. With our brake lines, we take the inconvenience out of the problem. We build our products so that they go around the problematic areas in your vehicle.

Masters At Pre Bent Brake Lines

When it comes to these brakes, there is no one who does it better. We take our time to make the proper measurements to ensure that you get the best product. Our goal is to provide you with just the right amount of clearance. With these brakes, you take the time and the hassle out of the installation.

Shipped To Your Door

One of the great things about us is convenience. After we have designed the brake lines made to your specifications, we mail them to you, right to your door. What could be simpler or more convenient?

A High Quality Product

When we do a job, we believe in doing it fully to the maximum extent of our abilities. That is why when we sell brake lines, you will find that they are made from the best materials with the most responsive services in the industry. We want our customers to be so satisfied with our services that they tell everyone they know about us and come back to us for their other needs. Our belief is that that can be done by providing superb services.

When it comes to high quality brakes, you need someone who can do it for you with dedication in mind. Our company provides these services at an affordable price, and we do everything we can to get them to your door as quickly as possible.

Trailer Brakes made custom

It is crucial that a vehicle towing a trailer be able to slow down. Trailer brakes with good hoses and lines are essential for the safety of drivers towing a trailer. The driver is like an engineer operating a locomotive that’s pulling a train. A vehicle and a trailer must slow down together.

When brakes lose effectiveness accidents can occur. New sections of brake line spliced onto original may leak. It would have been far better to install all new replacement hoses and lines, made to exact specifications to fit the exact vehicle and custom trailer.

When towing a trailer it’s essential to have confidence that your brakes will work. Serious safety concerns can take all the fun out of driving. It is relatively inexpensive to buy pre-made trailer brakes hoses constructed to exact specifications for going on custom trailers. The hoses and lines come in quite a variety so only exact fits can guaranty that you’ll be safe.

Pre-Made Trailer Brakes Hoses for Custom Trailers

Custom hose assemblies can be made to fit the exact specifications of your trailer. Quality hose assemblies and fittings are the best solution to concerns about smooth braking capabilities. The brake hose should be pre-made to fit your vehicle. A hose that is designed and built to your custom needs is the safest way build a braking system.

A new trailer brakes hose or tube should be carefully designed to avoid brake system problems. If you have a custom vehicle or trailer you should not use adapters and off the shelf brake hoses. Businesses selling vehicles and trailers with trailer brakes should have hoses designed to exact specifications. A weak brake pedal under heavy braking conditions can result in insufficient braking distance in a panic stop.

Brake Hoses and Lines

Brake hoses and lines can be manufactured to order and shipped directly to a business. Custom brake hoses and lines are the hallmark of a truly professional company. By paying attention to detail and not cutting corners, a company that offers pre-made hoses and lines can greatly enhance the overall quality and performance of a trailer braking system.

Brake lines and brake hoses designed and made to order provide the security. Rest easy knowing the braking system has been created specifically with your vehicle and custom trailer in mind. Lines and hoses can be manufactured to order. Made to the exact specifications desired. The type of trailer brakes line or hose should match the particular needs of your trailer and vehicle.

Resisting corrosion and abrasion is essential in a proper brake line manufactured for a specific trailer. Exact lengths and configurations should be custom fitted to your exact vehicle and trailer. Corrosion resistance, thickness, and the type of tubing have to match up just right.

Replacing hoses and brake lines does not have to be expensive. They can be made to order for less than manufacturers’ replacement parts. The best performance of your braking system will result from taking the time to give the exact specifications to a reliable company that specializes in pre-made hoses and lines.

Damage to trailer brakes lines can be avoided by taking care to order the exact specifications for custom vehicles. When a pre-bent brake line is required, measurements must be taken from factory originals and matched accurately.

A trailer brakes hose has to be long enough to account for the up and down movement of a vehicle’s suspension. The hose must be routed properly to the line. If it is too long or routed differently from original specifications, this can spell disaster for a brake system. There are many brake line and hose options. That’s why getting pre-made hoses, built to specification for a custom trailer, ensures having parts made in accordance with unique brake lines and hoses in mind.

Top performance results from correct brake lines and brake hoses. Custom fitted products are the best way to guaranty good brakes. With so many different types of brake hoses and lines to choose from, why take a chance on a replacement that is less than custom made? Trailer brakes Lines and hoses must be pre-made specially for your vehicle and trailer.

Shamrock Tube and Hose can make almost any replacement brake hose anyone needs. Either in the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style hose or in the high performance design of stainless steel braided hose using the OEM fittings or new Low Profile fittings. We can make hoses for cars, trucks, buses, off road vehicles, snow mobiles, motorcycles and industrial equipment like fork trucks.

Many of those vehicles also use rigid tubing and we offer both 45 degree and 37 degree flaring on many sizes of rigid tubing. The tubing comes in either Ezi-Bend copper/nickel or stainless steel. Both are 28/ 1000 wall thickness so they can be either single or double flared.

Accompanying the custom brake tubes and brake hoses are a very wide range of tube nuts in metric and SAE dimension.

Shamrock also offers a select group of tools for the brake market. If it requires rigid tubing we have flaring kits, bending pliers and tube straighteners as well as tube cutters.

So whether you need hard to find replacement brake tubes and brake hoses for your restoration project car or simply replacing the aged, over six year old, rubber OEM brake hoses, Shamrock can supply you the right hose and tube.

Most people do not know the rubber OEM hose deteriorates from the inside out. This is caused by as much as 3% of moisture being absorbed through the brake hoses annually. This helps set up the determination on the inside as it lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid in the system. If you can bend your old brake hose and see the cracking in the line it needs to be replaced, but what you cannot see is the inside of the hose where the small hose (1/8th inch ID) breakdown occurs. Many owners’ manuals will tell you to change your brake fluid out every 2 years, but most manuals never get read.

Remember if one hose is bad the others are the same age; they should be changed out as well.

Every brake hose we make meets D.O.T. FMVSS106 which incorporates SAE J1401 specification. All hoses are traceable and they are all tested to 3000 PSI to insure 100% safe performance.


Here is a look at some of the stainless steel fittings and hose with colored inserts to customize your motorcycle. Using the Shamrock custom brake line system allows you to make a wide variety custom look. Why be like everybody else??? Get your custom motorcycle lines made today by Shamrock Tube and Hose.


Is your vehicle over 5 years old? If so you should consider replacing your rubber brake hoses. Top rubber manufacturers suggest that rubber lines decay after 3-5 years! But even replacing them sometimes isn’t enough because the rubber has a shelf life of about 7 years.

This means that even if you go to your local auto parts store and buy a replacement hose you may be replacing your bad lines with expired rubber because there are no regulations requiring stores to throw out old rubber stock.

The Shamrock Solution

Hoses purchased from Shamrock Tube and Hose are made when you order them from new stock, just check the date on the hose. This means that you are replacing your lines with the very best available to get a long life for your vehicle.

If you have a tube you need replaced give us a call. We fabricate tube assemblies with SAE 45 degree or JIC 37 degree flares and a variety of tube nuts. We use stainless steel and our ezi bend copper nickel tube.