Years ago before going into business I destroyed one of the brake tubes on my 4 wheeler. It was my fault I guess I knew I should be using a proper flare nut wrench to get it off but the adjustable was so handy.

I was also confident that replacing it would be no issue… So wrong.

I took a trip down to my local auto store and tried to find a brake tube expert. Turns out it was me! Well not really right but the guy at the counter didn’t know anything and invited me to the back to help myself at the brake tube rack.

This rack was… Unimpressive. At first it looked like a great selection but upon further investigation they only had about 12 configurations in 4 lengths. My tube didn’t fall into one of their pre-determined lengths and it was labeled something generic like Japanese. It actually took me 2 trips to get the right one.


Installation was a hassle. The extra length of the tube made it impossible to replicate the original fit. The end result was an over sized rock catcher on the back of my wheel. It made it a few trips but eventually hanging out there it got damaged. Perfect if you like having to go back and redo a job later to get it right.

What was wrong with my Brake Tube Search?

  • Nobody at my local store could help me
  • I had to search for my tube in the stock room with no help
  • The brake tube they did have was pre-configured around some generic vehicles
  • I had to make 2 trips to figure out which tube fit my quad.
  • The final product didn’t match my setup and the extra length ended up being unprotected

Get Some Real Help

Wouldn’t it be better to talk to someone who actually knew brakes? Wouldn’t it be better to specify the exact length and configuration of my tube and have it delivered to me for a perfect fit every time?

There is a better way, bring your problem to the experts at Shamrock Tube and Hose and rest easy knowing that you will get the exact setup to meet your specific need.