Deciding what system to use for your trailer brakes can be a tricky situation at times, but with the right education, it can much easier to decide what system works well for you. Hydraulic brake systems can be very effective for trailers. Designing and installing the hydraulic brake system can be quite simple if you have the right information. Here we will show you easy ways of accomplishing a proper hydraulic system for your trailer brakes.

At the very first, you are going to have to take the tires off just like you would on a car to change the brakes. You need to loosen the lug nuts while the trailer is on the ground so that you can still have leverage. After you have loosened the lug nuts you are going to need to lift the trailer. This is going to be harder to do though because you don’t have a secure way of stopping the trailer from moving once it is up. You need to find a car lift to finish this project. You need to make sure that the trailer is very stable before you attempt to complete any work on the trailer. Your safety is most important in this whole project.

Next you need to remove the lug nuts and the tires and put them in a secure place. It is very easy to loose lug nuts during a big project, so put them somewhere they will be safe. You now need to remove the spindle washer and the spindle nut. Also place those in a secure place as they will need to be re installed. You are going to find a plate mount on the axle that has 4 holes. This is where you will install your brakes. Figure out which brake is left and which one is right, and mount the brakes on the plates.

It’s time to put the outer bearing on now. Once the outer bearing is on you are going to need to put that washer and spindle nut. Tighten everything so it is hard to tighten it with a tool anymore. Now you need to install your break lines. This tubing will allow the fluid to flow from the break coupler to the brakes themselves. Once this tubing is all attached you will need to bleed your brakes. Fill up the coupler with break fluid once your brakes are drained.