Shamrock Tube and Hose can make almost any replacement brake hose anyone needs. Either in the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style hose or in the high performance design of stainless steel braided hose using the OEM fittings or new Low Profile fittings. We can make hoses for cars, trucks, buses, off road vehicles, snow mobiles, motorcycles and industrial equipment like fork trucks.

Many of those vehicles also use rigid tubing and we offer both 45 degree and 37 degree flaring on many sizes of rigid tubing. The tubing comes in either Ezi-Bend copper/nickel or stainless steel. Both are 28/ 1000 wall thickness so they can be either single or double flared.

Accompanying the custom brake tubes and brake hoses are a very wide range of tube nuts in metric and SAE dimension.

Shamrock also offers a select group of tools for the brake market. If it requires rigid tubing we have flaring kits, bending pliers and tube straighteners as well as tube cutters.

So whether you need hard to find replacement brake tubes and brake hoses for your restoration project car or simply replacing the aged, over six year old, rubber OEM brake hoses, Shamrock can supply you the right hose and tube.

Most people do not know the rubber OEM hose deteriorates from the inside out. This is caused by as much as 3% of moisture being absorbed through the brake hoses annually. This helps set up the determination on the inside as it lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid in the system. If you can bend your old brake hose and see the cracking in the line it needs to be replaced, but what you cannot see is the inside of the hose where the small hose (1/8th inch ID) breakdown occurs. Many owners’ manuals will tell you to change your brake fluid out every 2 years, but most manuals never get read.

Remember if one hose is bad the others are the same age; they should be changed out as well.

Every brake hose we make meets D.O.T. FMVSS106 which incorporates SAE J1401 specification. All hoses are traceable and they are all tested to 3000 PSI to insure 100% safe performance.